The-Realized Network.Earth

(is being built.)
- and is to be most fascinating !  This is an exciting time for the world, but they don't know it yet.

A new kind of internet site has been born, and not something that will be able to be easily copied,
or for that matter, probably copied for a long time- if ever.  But that's not even the point.  What is it?

What do you think it will help with?
Better versions and visions of and implementations of:

working together, playing together, planning together,
interacting together, making peace together, solving conflict together,
working on being better people over-all together, and then all of the things.
in short, a better world, where we don't have to live and die by scarcity and violence.

one where people cooperate and do and build the myriad plethora of magic all around and everywhere,
and life is able to have purpose and meaning!  and using the internet as a tool to organize that, and realize also that there is no expectation of timeline of "when it will have worked." thats how you've been held back, in part.. just start building with me and we'll keep building and building...   otherwise nothing happens and your life doesn't change, and neither does anyone elses.

Find the intake page and blogs here: (intake form and later community specific outreach initiatives) (primary working group of

(and more info as I add it and convert this page to a proper tabled layout, because this is ridiculous.).

This is perhaps the most open ended project you've ever seen, but it has an absolute and indelible direction, and fully architected vision.

It is also happening in real time, but the vision has been unchanged the entirety of the writers lifetime.

In a large sense, this is about being able to make a useful organization out of the varied and complex nature of the universe, but without making a big fuss or hard time out of it, and having the software over all behave a lot like someone would be there guiding you, or inside your head, but just naturally and semantically flow- in a lot of different ways..   This is hard to describe, but if you're an engineer type I can use different words and then we can have a better more accurate productive time about it.

This project is in a large vein, about being able to organize and make use of the extremely varied,
and non-linear and basically mathematically fractal-ized and ever expanding universe that is the internet, over time as it grows.

(and translating all that into coherent data modeling -  as in see the agglomerator -
But a unification and new ways of doing things, and I dont want to pidgeon hole your expectation, I want you to create things that don't exist but you want to see.)

and then we will add them into the thing, if they make sense. - but see how reductionist logic works?  I don't even * mean * that.

Just .. if you're interested, join us. and know this page will radically change and 98% of the text will soon go missing and be frittered out into the appropriate places. but Right now, I have built 25 different sites in 8 hours, and meta-taxonomic-ally organized where all of it fits within ::blink::  just send me email and enjoy your evening, be safe and do something nice and random for someone. 

Back to what's going on here momentarily:

While I can see where the models that are currently in play go, I don't like any of them, and they bore me,
so I'm building something different.  But I do need your help as well.. 

 Visit at the link above to apply to be part of the core team.

Interim to a website appearing there later today or soon, email me directly: or find me elsewhere.

Thank you so much.

Already curious and want to participate?  Go scroll back up and find and click the apply button at the bottom.  :) 

To our evolution towards a unified extra and inter-personal extra and intra-operative [unified] personal autonomy,
and thus, -
as a species;

with un-ending optimism drive, will, vision and discipline,


the real power of this network comes from its design, and from YOU.  because you shape how it looks, and how it works for you,

and thats why I've spent my entire life asking "WHY?"  among other things.  So if I have questions for you, odds are I'm building or you're helping somehow.  If you have the time, ask me why the question if you're curious.  A large part of this project has to do with how psychology and electro-biology.

what you do with it, and how its built is up to us and the core team, its just designed to be used and enjoyed.

This network is built with your autonomy as a human being in mind, at every step of the way.
That is the design and use principle No. 1.

more later....

expect this page not to look like this soon !  :-)